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Exploring Cardano native tokens & building a project portfolio
through our ADA-Cost Averaging methodology!

Cardano Token Vault is a community based and led project.

70% of all project revenue is directed towards building the $adatokenvault community portfolio. Holders of $CTV vote through weighted polls to determine the community portfolios future direction… all based on ADA-Cost Averaging!

Our community home is on our Discord server. Here we will share and discuss about all of the projects utilizing Cardano native token. Whether new to tokens or already a master of the DEXs we seek to learn together and help each other on this journey into a new still new blockchain-based frontier.

Holders of Vault Seeker CNFTs and $CTV tokens get access to the most of our community!


$CTV is the governance and utility token of Cardano Token Vault. Weighted community polls drive the majority of the direction of Cardano Token Vault and our $adatokenvault portfolio wallet.

Total Supply: 100,000,000 $CTV tokens

Vault Seeker CNFTs accumulate $CTV hourly once minted and is claimable at any time through LIT Staking!

  • Collect one of 10,000 Vault Seeker CNFTs
  • 100 Vault Seeker variations to find
  • 5 Vault Types of differing rarity


ALL vaults accumulate $CTV hourly which stays attached to CNFT until claimed and does not expire

Non-custodial staking and claiming of $CTV is provided through LIT Staking.Vaults are SOLD OUT and secondary is your place to grab one now –